How to get 1500 versa points on SFI and maintain your monthly EA position.


Website Sales 

A simple, straightforward method for becoming EA: earn 1,500 VP in sales from your Triple Clicks Website. Just refer customers to your online store, and you can earn EA status with as little as one sale! Learn how to refer customers HERE. Note: This method normally takes at least 45-60 days to produce the VersaPoints necessary to earn EA status. 


The formula for qualifying as an EA via WEBSITE SALES is simple: Tens of thousands of products are available at your Triple Clicks Website (and new products are added DAILY). Each product has a VP (Versa Points) value. Simply sell a product (or products) worth 1,500 VP or more and you’re automatically EA for the month. 


Best things about qualifying via sales: 


• No purchase by you is required. 


• As little as one customer* sale can generate the 1,500 VP needed for EA status each month. 


• You’ll receive Customer Commissions of 45% of the CV (Commission Volume). 


Tip: To determine VP and Customer Commission (CC) amounts, just login at (with your SFI ID and password) and start browsing. VP totals, Commissionable Volume, Gateway URL, and other information) is listed on Product Details Pages within the SFI “Affiliates tab.” You can also use the TC Advanced Search to quickly locate products with the VP and/or CC amounts you’re after. 



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